Nick Malcolm


Kia Ora!

Nick Malcolm

I'm a Security Consultant at SafeStack. I get to talk to organizations, big and small, and help them understand security stuff. I really enjoy working with startups and helping them build a strong, secure, foundation to support them as they scale fast.

My previous role was as CTO at ThisData, a security API which protected millions of people across the globe from account takeover attacks.

Things that push my buttons include: helping people solve their problems using my techy skills, cyber security, building stuff with Ruby on Rails, writing blog posts, and presenting at meetups and conferences.

I like to hang with my wife and son, sing, play guitar, go to church, run, and hax on side projects.

Nick speaking at ITx 2016 Presenting at ITx 2016

If you'd like to get in touch, you can guess my email address! (replace a dot with an @).